Downloading the purchased product file(s)

The purchased product file(s) can be downloaded differently depending on whether you have purchased a single product or Membership. 

1. How to download a single product

If you purchased a single product (or a few products with the same purchase) but not the Membership, then the first way to download the purchased file(s) is via the download link in the Purchase Receipt email that is sent immediately after completing the purchase.

The download link contained in the Purchase Receipt email is temporary and expires within first 48 hours after being generated, so you'll need to download the file(s) before the link expires.

The second way to download a product which is not part of the Membership is from the customer account. 

Log in to your account and click the Purchase History tab -> View Details and Downloads.

Then scroll down to the Products section and click the download link. Unlike the link in the Purchase Receipt this link will expire only after your subscription expires, till then you can download the file(s) unlimited times anytime you want.

2. How to download Membership products

Downloading the Membership products is a bit more convenient and easier. If you are a member then all you need to do is log in to your account, go to Shop page and simply click the Download Now button under each product card to download that product file. 

For members accounts the normal  Add To Card button with the licensing options is replaced with a Download Now button.

Normal view

Membership account view

The file download link in the membership plan Purchase Receipt is replaced with a link to Shop.

The same goes for the Purchase History -> View Details and Downloads page, clicking this link redirects to Shop for downloading the purchased files.

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