Purchasing a product

To purchase a product first log in to your account and go to Divicio.us Shop page. If you don't have an account just follow the same instrructions and the account will be created for you automatically during the checkout process (read below).

Find the product you need and select the license type, then click Add To Cart button to add the product to your cart. The button text will change to Checkout.

Click the Checkout button to proceed with the purchase. You will be redirected to the checkout page with a form containing the purchase information as well as the form for your personal info that you need to fill in.

After you finish filling in your personal information please read the Terms of Agreement and Privacy Policy (clicking the Show Terms and Show Privacy Policy will expand the documents without making you leave the checkout page). 

To be able to complete the purchase you need to agree with the terms and privacy policy by checking the corresponding checkboxes.

You may also choose to subscribe to our newsletter by checking the very last checkbox (optional).

Click the Complete Purchase button to proceed with the payment. This will redirect you to PayPal where you'll need to authorize and process the payment. 

After processing the payment you'll be redirected back to Divicio.us to the Purchase Confirmation page containing all the information of your purchase as well as the link to download the product file(s).

The Purchase Receipt will be sent to the email address that you used for your purchase, it contains all the information about your purchase as well as a temporary download link which expires in 48 hours.

If you are making the first purchase with your email address your account will be created automatically during the purchase processing and you will receive a second email(with the  [Divicio.us] Your username and password title) containing your newly created account username and password. But if you already have an account associated with your email address then you will need to log in first, otherwise you won't be able to complete the purchase using this email address.

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