License upgrades

All of the products at Shop can be purchased individually(single product purchase) or as part of the Membership Plan. 

Currently the following types of single product licenses are available: 

  • 1 Site License 
  • 5 Sites License
  • Unlimited Sites License
  • Lifetime Unlimited License (a never expiring unlimited sites activation license). 

The Membership Plan provides a single 'master' license key which is the Unlimited Sites License for all products included. Available membership options are:

  • Membership Plan - Annual Membership
  • Membership Plan - Lifetime Membership.

Licenses can be upgraded anytime after the purchase and before the license expiration date. 

Upgrading does not require paying the full amount but only the difference between the initial license price and the price of the license you are upgarding to. 

Upgrades available for each license type

1 Site License

-> Can be upgraded to 5 Sites License, Unlimited Sites License, Lifetime Unlimited License and Membership Plan (Annual and Lifetime).

5 Site License

-> Can be upgraded to Unlimited Sites License, Lifetime Unlimited License and Membership Plan (Annual and Lifetime).

Unlimited Site License

-> Can be upgraded to  Lifetime Unlimited License and Membership Plan (Annual and Lifetime).

Lifetime Unlimited License

-> Can be upgraded to Membership Plan (Annual and Lifetime).

Note: Upgrading a Lifetime Unlimited License of a product to the Annual Membership plan will turn this license into an annual 'master' license that you can use to activate all the products in the store on unlimited number of sites. 

Membership Plan - Annual Membership

-> Can be upgraded to  Membership Plan - Lifetime Membership.

Membership Plan - Lifetime Membership

-> No further upgrades available.

Upgrading a license

Let's assume you have purchased a 1 Site License and would like to upgrade it to Membership Plan.

To upgrade the license first log in to your account and go to Purchase History -> View Licenses.

Next, click  View Upgrades.

Then select the upgrade you need and click Upgrade License.

You'll be redirected to the Checkout page to complete the license upgrade.

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