Search Settings

  1. Content Settings
  2. Design Settings
  3. Advanced Settings

To enable the Divi MadMenu Search element open the module settings modal and go to Content -> Elements and click the Enable Search. The Search element consists of the search icon and the search field which is toggled by clicking the search icon 

When the Logo element is enabled its  ContentDesign and Advanced settings all become visible.

1. Content Settings

The Search element's Content settings are located in the Content -> Search settings section

The content settings allow to use either a font or image icon for the search.

If the Icon option is selected for the Search Icon/Image setting then Divi's default search icon is used

Whereas selecting the Image option allows uploading different custom image icon(s) both for the Normal and Fixed headers(if the Use Fixed Header Search Image setting is enabled) as well as for each device

2. Design Settings

The  Design settings of the Search element can be found under the Design tab of the module settings.

The  Search Order setting allows to set the Search element order relative to other header elements, it is located under the Design -> Layout:General toggle. The element order value can be different for each device.

To align the Search icon  vertically and horizontally and to set its column width use the layout settings located under the Design -> Layout:Elements toggle S tab

The design options set of the Search element includes  colorsspacingbordersbox shadow and sizing options and can be found in the Design -> Search and Design -> Search (Fixed) sections. These settings sections include design options for both the Search icon and the Search field

3. Advanced Settings

To control the responsive visibility of the Search element use the Show Search settings in the Advanced -> Visibility section. 

This section also contains the Hide Elements When Search Opens setting which does what its name implies - it allows to select the elements you want to disappear when the search icon is clicked and the search form becomes visible

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