Getting Started

  1. Installation and Activation
  2. License Key Activation
  3. How To Start Using

1. Installation and Activation

To install the Divi MadMenu plugin go to Plugins -> Add New and click Upload Plugin button at the top left of the screen.

Upload the file that you've downloaded and click Install Now

Click the Activate Plugin button when the installation is completed.

2. License Key Activation

Next you need to activate the license key, it is required for enabling the automatic updates. License activation is needed only if you've purchased Divi MadMenu from

If you have purchased the product from the  Elegant Themes Divi Marketplace then you don't need to activate the Divi MadMenu license key (that's why the Divi->MadMenu page won't be available in the admin menu). You only need to have your ET API key activated on your site. Simply install and activate the plugin, go to Divi Theme Builder (or Divi Page Builder) and start using it like any other Divi Builder module.

To activate your license key go to Divi -> MadMenu (or Extra -> MadMenu if you are using the Extra theme), insert your license key into the License Key field and save. 

After that click the Activate License button.

Successfully activated license looks like this:

3. How To Start Using

Divi MadMenu module is used similarly to Divi's core modules, you can add it to your layout both in the Page Builder and Theme Builder. However, since it is a module for creating headers it is recommended to use it in the Theme Builder because this is the right way of creating headers for Divi.

To start using the Divi MadMenu module first go to the Theme Builder page ( Divi -> Theme Builder) and create a Custom Header template (either Global or for a specific page).

Click the Edit icon on the left hand side of the Custom Header to start creating/editing the header template, add a section, row and then add the Divi MadMenu modules by selecting them from the modules list. You can use the module search bar and type the "madmenu" keyword in to find Divi MadMenu modules easier:

After adding the module it's settings modal will be opened and you can start creating the menu/header.

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