Adding layouts from Divi Library to mobile menu

Divi section layouts can be added to the menu assigned to MMC Mobile Menu location only, make sure you have assigned it before trying to add a layout from Divi Library to mobile menu.

First create the section layout in Divi Builder and save it to the Divi Library. 
To make your workflow faster use the Visual Builder in mobile view mode so that you can see how the menu layout will look on mobile devices.

Go to Appearance -> Menus and create a menu and assign it to the MMC Mobile Menu location(learn how to do that here).
Next go to Divi ->Theme Customizer -> Mobile Menu Customizer -> Divi Library section.

Enable Divi layouts for the mobile menu.
The ADD LAYOUTS FROM DIVI LIBRARY control provides three different options for adding Divi Layouts: Above, Below, and both Above and Below the menu items.

Select the option depending on the kind of menu you want to create. If you want to create a mobile menu using the Divi layout only then it does not matter which of these three options you choose. In such a case you have to assign an empty menu (with no menu items) to the MMC Mobile Menu location.

But if you want to create a combined menu using the "traditional" menu items with Divi layouts then you should decide where to add the layout from Divi Library (before menu items, after or both before and after by using two different Divi layouts).

Select the Divi section layout that you want to add to the mobile menu.

After you select where to add the layout, a dropdown list (or two dropdown lists if you want to add layouts both above and below the menu items) will appear listing the layouts from the Divi Library. 

Add your layout(s) designed for the mobile menu by selecting it from the dropdown list(s).

Click the Publish button to save your changes.

This feature is available for the Default, Centered and Centered Inline Logo header formats. 

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