Add text to Divi mobile menu hamburger icon

To add text next to the Divi mobile menu hamburger icon go to  Divi -> Theme Customizer -> Mobile Menu Customizer -> Menu Header Settings and find the SELECT MENU ICON FORMAT setting. This setting provides four different options.

Icon Only

This is the default option which displays only the hamburger icon.

Text + Icon

This options allows adding text to the left hand side.

Icon + Text

This option allows adding text to the right hend side.

Text Only

This option allows to have only text without the hamburger icon.

After you've selected an option with text ( Text+Icon, Icon+Text or Text Only) find the TYPE TEXT FOR CLOSED MENU and TYPE TEXT FOR OPENED MENU settings right below the SELECT MENU ICON FORMAT setting and type the text you need into both fields.

Then click the Publish button to save your changes.

This feature is available for the Default, Centered and Centered Inline Logo header formats. 

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