Make Divi mobile menu fixed

To make Divi mobile menu fixed go to Divi -> Theme Customizer -> Mobile Menu Customizer -> Menu Settings and find the MAKE MENU FIXED setting.

By default it is set to No (not fixed), just select the Yes option and the mobile menu will become fixed.

When the fixed mode is enabled two other settings will appear below the MAKE MENU FIXED setting: 


These settings are useful in case your site dropdown menu is too long and does not fit into the mobile device viewport when the fixed option is enabled. In such a case the dropdown menu is cut and it is not possible to view the items at the bottom. 

To overcome such a situation use the  FIXED MENU MAX-HEIGHT setting to set a maximum height for the dropdown menu so that it does not expand out of the viewport(the max-height is set in vh units), and check the MAKE FIXED MENU SCROLLABLE checkbox to make the dropdown menu scrollable.

Then click the Publish button to save your changes.

This feature is available for the Default, Centered and Centered Inline Logo header formats. 

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