How To Install Divi MadMenu Header Layouts

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Divi MadMenu demo header layouts can be downloaded from different places depending on where you've purchased the product from: or Divi Marketplace

If you've purchase the product from then follow the section about how to download the demos from Otherwise read the section about how to download the demos from your Elegant Themes account.

How to download from

Divi MadMenu demos are available for download for the buyers of the Divi MadMenu as well as the Annual and Lifetime members.

If you've purchased Divi MadMenu extension only (if you are not a member) you can download the Demos package in your account Purchase History->View Details and Downloads

However, if you are a member (either Annual or Lifetime) you can download the demos directly from the Divi MadMenu page (need to log in to your account first)

How to download from your Elegant Themes account

If you have purchased Divi MadMenu from Divi Marketplace you can download the demo header layouts from your Elegant Themes account. 

To download the demo headers log in to your ET account and go to the MARKETPLACE tab in the Members Area, find Divi MadMenu in the Your Divi Marketplace Products section, and click the SUPPLEMENTARY FILES button, this will download the demo header layouts zip file.

Import demos #1 - #10

The downloaded demos package contains all the demos currently available. To use the demo header layouts #1 - #10 you'll need to import their JSON files into the Divi Library first.

Then go to the Divi Theme Builder and create a new header template, either global or for a specific page (or use an existing one).

The demos  #1 - #10 are sections, so, need to be added to the header as sections from the Divi Library. Open the header template, click to add a new section and select Add From Library in the Insert Section modal that will pop up.

Then find the Divi MadMenu demo you need and click to add it to your layout. You can type "madmenu" in the search field or select the MadMenu Demo category to find the demos easier.

After adding the demo header section from Divi Library remove the empty section added by default (if you are creating a new header template) and start adding content to the imported demo header. You will need to assign the desktop and mobile menus and change other content as per your needs: logo image, CTA button text, icons, etc.

Import demos #11 - #25

Since the demo headers #11 - #25 are not section layouts but Divi Theme Builder templates, they need to be imported directly into the Divi Theme Builder as new templates. Please follow this guide about how to import Divi Theme Builder templates: How To Export and Import Divi Theme Builder Templates

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