Scroll The Open Accordion Item Into View

The Scroll Into View feature of the Divi Accordions Plus module (introduced in v1.7) allows you to set the clicked accordion item to scroll into view after fully expanding. 

This feature is available for the Single Active Toggle mode and is especially useful for when the accordion items have lots of content which can cause the expanded accordion item move out of the viewport while the user is toggling the accordion items. So, the Scroll Into View feature makes the open accordion items scroll back into view automatically so that the user does not have to scroll to them manually.

The Top Offset field allows you to set the top offset value for the open accordion item. The default top offset is 0(zero) making the clicked accordion item scroll to the top edge of the viewport, and you can set any other value you need. The offset will be applied in px units. 

Setting a top offset for scrolling into view comes in handy in a number of different situations. 

For example, it helps prevent the floating(fixed) header from overlapping the accordion item after it's been scrolled into view. To avoid that you just need to set a top offset value slightly larger than the height of the fixed header bar. This will make the open accordion item stop right beneath the fixed header bar.

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