Change accordion mode: Multiple vs Single active accordion item

Divi Accordions Plus module can have two different modes: Multiple Active Toggles and Single Active Toggle

The  Multiple Active Toggles mode allows having multiple open/active accordion items, whereas the Single Active Toggle mode allows only one open/active accordion item at a time (whenever a new accordion item is opened the previously open item closes).

The  Multiple Active Toggles is the default mode.

To set the accordion mode go to parent module Content -> Mode settings section and select one of the available options for the Accordion Mode setting.

While selecting the Single Active Toggle option allows to have only one open accordion item within one accordion module, enabling the Global Accordion Mode setting (that shows up when the Single Active Toggle is selected) allows to extend this feature across multiple accordion modules on the page that have the Global Accordion Mode option enabled.

The Global Accordion Mode makes multiple accordion modules on the page (with this feature enabled) "aware" of each other which makes it possible to create multi-column accordions.

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