Divi Accordions Plus Parent Module Settings Overview

Divi Accordions Plus parent module settings apply to all accordion items and the accordion main container element. The settings are divided into three standard groups: Content, Design and Advanced.


This section includes the following settings:

  1. Speed
  2. Mode
  3. Link
  4. Background
  5. Admin Label

Here you can add new accordion items by clicking the Add New Item "+" icon. The Speed section contains the Toggle open/close speed setting allowing to set the accordion items opening/closing speed.

The Mode section contains the Accordion Mode setting allowing the user to open multiple accordion items (the Multiple Active Toggles option), or to have only one open accordion item at a time (the Single Active Toggle option).

While selecting the Single Active Toggle option allows to have only one open accordion item within one accordion module, enabling the Global Accordion Mode setting (that shows up when the Single Active Toggle option is selected) allows to extend this feature across multiple accordion modules on the page that have the Global Accordion Mode option enabled.

For the Single Active Toggle mode you can also enable the Scroll Into View feature allowing you to set the accordion item to scroll into view after expanding, and also to set the top offset for it. This feature is especially useful for when the accordion items have lots of content.

The Link, Background and Admin Label sections contain standard Divi module fields.


This section includes the following settings:

  1. Header
  2. Left Icon
  3. Right Icon
  4. Title
  5. Body
  6. Header Text
  7. Body Headings
  8. Body Text
  9. Sizing
  10. Spacing
  11. Border 
  12. Box Shadow
  13. Filters 
  14. Transform
  15. Animation

The  HeaderLeft IconRight IconTitle and Body sections provide the colormargin, paddingborder and box-shadow settings for designing the corresponding element.

The  Header Text section contains font options for both the accordion item Title and Subtitle under separate tabs.

The  Body Headings settings allow to style the H1 - H6 heading levels for the accordion item body content.

The  Body Text settings provide font options for styling paragraphslinksunordered and ordered lists as well as quotes.

The Sizing, SpacingBorderBox ShadowFiltersTransform and Animation settings are standard Divi module settings allowing to set the accordion main container width, height, margin, padding, border, box-shadow, filter, transform and animation properties.

The  SpacingBorder and Box Shadow sections also provide margin, padding, border and box-shadow fields for the accordion items main container.


This section includes the following settings:

  1. CSS ID & Classes
  2. Custom CSS
  3. Conditions
  4. Visibility
  5. Transitions
  6. Position
  7. Scroll Effects

All Advanced settings are standard Divi module settings.

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